Frequently Asked Questions

There is no question too big or too small for our veterinary team. Below are some answers to our most common questions.

We proudly serve the pets Fort Smith, AR and beyond.

At Arkansas Veterinary Clinic, we get a ton of interesting questions from pet parents. Below are some common FAQs that might help answer any questions or concerns. Please feel free to call us at 479-646-3478 for any other concerns you might have about your pet.

What do I need to know about heartworm testing and prevention?

We require, at the recommendation of the American Heartworm Society (AHS), Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), and all preventative manufacturers, annual heartworm testing for dogs. We are a high-risk heartworm region, so it is recommended all dogs be on a preventative year-round.

Once you have a negative heartworm test, it is recommended that you begin a heartworm preventative.

We will not write prescriptions to any outside pharmacy.  We have options in the clinic and a variety of preventatives available on our online pharmacy.

Should I spay or neuter my pet?

It is recommended that ALL non-breeding animals be spayed or neutered. We will not perform these procedures if the animal is less than 6 months of age. Upon examination of the animal and discussion with the owner, we will recommend the ideal age for the operation to be performed.

How does your clinic handle discounts and rebates?

Periodically, manufacturers will provide discounts or rebates on their products. If we are using these products, we will do our best to pass these savings on to you. However, product recommendations will be based on what we feel is the safest and best solution for your pet.

What are Arkansas Veterinary Clinic’s protocols on vaccinations?

We strictly adhere to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) guidelines on vaccination. Discussion with each owner will allow us to tailor a vaccine protocol to each animal’s living situation.

How should I treat my pet for fleas and ticks?

Most pets will encounter fleas and/or ticks in their lifetime. We offer several treatment options and will recommend one for your pet based on their lifestyle.

How regularly should I bring my pet in for an exam?

In accordance with AVMA and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommendation, we recommend annual wellness checkups for pets, especially in their senior years.

How does Arkansas Veterinary Clinic handle dental cleanings?

Dental health is an important component of your pet’s overall health. We can schedule appointments for dental exams. However, the examination of teeth, tongue, gums and entire oral cavity is a key part of our full physical examination. Should we discover a problem, we will recommend a solution to keep your pet as healthy and comfortable as possible.

How do I schedule an appointment for my pet?

We now offer a booking tool through our website, simply click on the book appointment icon on our home page. If you prefer, you can call the clinic at 479-646-3478 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment.

We do understand that emergencies do occur and will do our best to accommodate them. Walk-in visits will be seen as time allows and will incur an additional fee.

What kind of payment does your office take?

We accept payments via Care Credit, Master Card, Visa, and Discover. We do NOT accept checks.

What is CareCredit?

CareCredit is a credit card designed specifically for health needs. While this card can be used for medical and dentistry appointments, it can also be used for your pet’s health needs. We are happy to accept this convenient form of payment in our office!